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Two hours of great music that was the 70’s. Ideal for most classic hits Radio Stations .

Colin French plays the hits and forgotten classics of the 70’s researched via the British New Musical Express, Billboard Hot 100 and the 2UE Top 40 from Australia to bring you the best music.  Rewind To The 70’s can be heard each week on your station NOW. 

The show can be presented on your station as a 1 or 2 hour program and is recorded as a 128kps mp3 in either a full hour format or 4 segments per hour. The choice is yours how you broadcast the show .


And now to the important stuff.

The shows are available to ALL Free of any charges. The programs are uploaded each Saturday (Aust EST) and can be downloaded via a storage link or a Dropbox  file whichever is easiest. 

 It’s that easy and remember it’s FREE.







Colin was introduced to turntables playing the 45’s of the day at family party’s in the mid 50’s. He remembers Eddie Fisher’s Cindy Oh Cindy as the first track he ever played.

His first job in radio was as a casual panel operator at a small country station. He also worked on commercial broadcasting stations both on air and behind the scenes as a voice talent. 

In the early 80’s he produced a 60’s top 40 show on Community Radio in 2BCR 88.7 FM Bankstown and later 2GLF Liverpool in Sydney  N S W Australia.

He moved to  Bundaberg with his family in the 90’s  and  helped set up the town’s first Community Station Coral Coast 94.7 FM which opened in 2000.  A couple of years later  he worked on a second station 96.3 FM.

Colin, his wife Jan and the ”ZOO” moved to Tasmania  where he was toretire but Colin’s interest in everything radio raised its head again.

He spent a short time presenting Christian pop music on the internet station ”The Journey” at lunchtime Central time in the US. Later he opened his own Internet radio, Goodtime Oldies playing exclusively 60’s classics complete with jingles of the time. Unfortunately he found as many hobby web casters do, the Government fees were beyond him and closed the station after 9 years.

During this time Colin found that producing programmes for other small broadcasters satisfying and has opened this website so the stations can obtain these for FREE.


Free Radio Programsa

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Over 2 hours Colin French plays the top 40 hits of Australia , British and the US from the 50’s to the 70’s along with the jingles of the time . Again recorded as a 128kps mp3 and downloaded to Dropbox for immediate download to your station computer . The show is formatted in 2 X 1 hour shows for ease of broadcast along with an excel file for government requirements.


yesterdays hit parade

Each week Colin French checks out the Billboard Hot 100 Chart from 1955 to 1965 and presents a one hour show featuring the top 15 and up to 5 of the bubbling under chart of the featured year. Although not currently produced this program is still available. This show is recorded as a 128kps mp3 in two segments. One 20minutes and the other 30 minutes long.

forever Christmas

The  Forever Christmas show with Colin French will be available to radio station’s again this year so your DJ’s can spend time with their family’s this Christmas. After a great response from stations last year we are offering an extra presentation this year. Colin French Productions is getting in the festive mood by offering FREE holiday programming to stations.  An eight-hour programme is being offered for broadcast over the holiday season without charge.  The show has been created as “one-shot” stand-alone programme; meaning if you don’t currently carry any of my productions on your station this can just be a one-off special for Christmas Day.

Free Radio Productions Managing Director explains, “We enjoy playing Christmas songs each year and wish to give all DJ’s the day off so they can have time with their family so we have produced a quality program just for you”The shows are an ideal way to fill a gap in your Christmas Schedule and to give your DJs the day off.  Stations interested in broadcasting this free show can request further information by emailing